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Gurnee, Mason & Forestiere has considerable experience representing owners, developers, lenders, surety companies, contractors, subcontractors, designers, architects, engineers, product manufacturers and suppliers involved in residential, commercial and public construction projects throughout California and beyond. When necessary, our attorneys have the unique ability to continue to represent our clients in any bankruptcy proceedings that are filed concerning a construction project or any such proceedings filed by any persons concerning them. We are actively involved in local contractor associations, routinely providing education and counseling services to members, as well as to suppliers, trade associations, and developers. Our expertise extends to nearly all aspects of construction business and litigation including:

  • Payment of Construction Funds.
    Our attorneys are knowledgeable and skilled practitioners concerning all aspects of the payment and collection of construction funds. This includes issues regarding preliminary lien notices, mechanic’s liens, stop notices, payment bonds, contractor’s license bonds, mechanics lien release bonds, conditional and unconditional waivers and releases of progress and final payments, notices of completion and cessation. When necessary, our attorneys will initiate or defend their clients concerning the litigation necessary to perfect and enforce any mechanic’s liens, stop notices or bond rights. We also represent and provide counseling to our clients concerning prevailing wage and unpaid union fringe benefit issues.
  • Construction Defects.
    We have substantial experience in representing our clients who have become entangled in individual and class action construction defect litigation. Many of our attorneys gained invaluable experience being retained by insurers to defend owners, contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and product manufactures from claims. Our attorneys possess considerable knowledge and skill in litigating such matters, and are expert in complex insurance coverage and indemnity issues.
  • Construction Contracts.
    Our attorneys provide counseling and preparation of contracts needed by clients concerning the construction of all types of commercial buildings, new construction or remodeling of residential properties, and public projects. We further assist clients in complying with a myriad of contractual and regulatory obligations.
  • Construction Management and Delay Claims.
    We have considerable experience handling construction management and delay litigation and claims. Our attorneys assist clients in identifying critical paths and causes of delay that affect costs and timely completion of construction projects. This includes working with clients and their experts in conducting an analysis and preparing the claim, and where necessary, initiating or defending any resulting litigation. Our attorneys assist clients in seeking the appropriate insurance coverage and indemnity from others necessary to obtain the financial resources to successfully resolve claims.